Think about the last time you had to make a difficult decision, when you were forced to choose between the “easy” option and the “right” option. The easy option usually avoids confrontation and can sometimes conflict with your views and beliefs There’s no beating around the bush in regards to this topic. Let’s get straight into it.


It Shows Leadership

Naturally, leaders show courage in the face of adversity. They stand their ground and display certainty. When standing your ground, you’ll display leadership which, in turn, might influence others to follow you or consider thinking differently.

Leadership also demonstrates passion, which can play a big part when standing your ground.

Leadership is not about a title or a designation (that’s called a “boss”). It’s about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work, and your love for inspiring peers, family and customers.

– Robin S. Sharma


It Shows Character

By standing your ground, not only does it show character but it also develops character, too. We’re not born with the qualities that make our character – it develops as we experience life. Standing your ground shows how convicting your views and beliefs are. Doing so also shows your core values.

Keep these things in mind when showing your character:

  • Know when not to be nice – Often we try “not to rock the boat”. But there’s a big difference between being nice and not speaking up, usually because we are afraid or unsure. Listen to your instincts.
  • Focus on the facts – Have confidence in the logical and factual side of your beliefs.
  • Don’t force your beliefs onto others – For example: you might think that eating meat is wrong. Don’t go out of your way to criticise other when they eat meat in your presence.

Key Take Aways

Standing your ground starts with highlighting your most important values. Uphold those values every day, even in smaller unimportant situations. When you do stand your ground you can communicate your views clearly and be afraid of not being nice. Whilst doing this, respect the views and needs of others. Recognise that there will come times when you have to back down.

What are your thoughts on standing your ground? How do you show this in your life?

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